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The Lucky 7 Club

The Lucky 7 Club opened in 2017 as a 'Speakeasy' Club

tucked away in the heart of Paignton (Devon).

Our unique venue offers specialised live music,

burlesque, cabaret and comedy

for fabulous folk! 

The Lucky 7 Lockdown Club

Lucky 7 Burlesque, Kinky & Quirky, Speakeasy, Gatsby Paignton
Lucky 7, Kinky & Quirky, Burlesque, Speakeasy, Paignton, Devon
Lucky 7 Club, Kinky & Quirky, Speakeasy, Paignton, Devon

The Lucky 7 Club 

Due to the Covid-19 current guidelines The Lucky 7 Club 

is remaining closed for the forseeable future.

We can't wait to re-open and get back to the nights and events that we all love so much.

Stay safe folks!

You can email us at [email protected]