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The Lucky 7 Club!

The Lucky 7 Club is a 'Speakeasy' Club tucked away in the heart of Paignton (Devon) offering specialised live music, burlesque, cabaret and entertainment and is a venue with a vintage twist.


The Lucky 7 Club is hidden on the 1st floor in an old building with unique décor, offering a top quality roster of acts and a programme of fabulous events to give you more great nights out than you can shake a stick (or a tail feather) at!

Like all good Speakeasy clubs you need to be 'in the know' and all our events are best bookable in advance ! Once everyone on our guest list is in, we close the doors!

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The Lucky 7 Club 

We have burlesque shows, Lindy Hop dance nights, gin tasting events, electro-swing parties and

roots inspired music nights.

 We'd love to hear your ideas for new bands, musicians, theatre, workshops and one off nights!

Please be aware that The Lucky 7 Club is on the 1st floor and can only be accessed by stairs.

We are sorry for any access inconvenience.

You can email us at [email protected]